Financial Orchid is a West coast millennial blogger with Asian sensibilities sharing ways to optimize saving, spending, health, balance, minimalism, and wellness.


Budgeting for Generational Wealth

However I spend today, as in my decision-making, inadvertently affects how much there would be left for the next generation, which in turn impacts how much of a privileged life they will also be able to live.

Maybe this site will become a reference, or an autobiography for the future inhabitants if and when they stumble upon this site.



Likes: dim sum, berries, cats, cooking Cantonese cuisine, biking, kickboxing, hiking, looking at data to find trends, turning data into meaning information, tracking output.

Loves: logic, rational, observation, introversion, anyone better than me at math, anyone who tells me to be more logical, and scientists <3

Languages: English and Chinese at the native level

FI: yes

Values: still working because $1 today will be a lot less tomorrow. Plus, health insurance is important to me. I was fortunate to travel a lot when I was younger. Nowadays, I prefer staying on the west coast to build long term relations.

Bucket List Activities: camp once before I die

Bucket List Destinations: Korea, Hawaii, Santorini, Maldives before it sinks

I’ll be sharing money saving tips, income generation ideas, and tracking expenses. Top line revenue indicates income source, but expense tracking are the most obvious indicators of one’s priorities.¬†You’ll learn a lot about me just from seeing where my money goes.